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A downloadable game for Windows


*    Fix a dialog bug (appear in wrong time)

You've just bought one of the best games in the world - Cyber Fighter, with lifelike images that are the same as reality. Not only that, the game capsule can also use the gold obtained during the game to further upgrade! Will the upgraded game have a beyond realistic experience?

In addition, the sequel of Cyber Fighter is under development, it seems to be called the Cyber World.

*   Press arrow keys to move

*   Press space key to interactive (in real world) or shoot (in Cyber Fighter)

*   Press esc key to exit menu (in real world) or exit game (in Cyber Fighter)

*   "Reset" will reset all the upgrades and ALSO return your coins

*   In Cyber Fighter, you get bullets over time. The more you have, the slower your fighter move

*   The save file is in AppData\Local\About_The_CyberFighter\

Thanks my wife.

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Published 14 days ago
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About The CyberFighter.exe 2 MB
About The CyberFighter.gmz 1 MB

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