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# Treatment Room One

* !!! The content about "TREATMENT" and "DOCTOR YANG" is real, but the part of hallocination is for gameplay.

* !!! The last sentence means there REALLY exists TREATMENT and DOCTOR YANG. The search keyword is 杨永信.

* Tom's parents feel really bad. They are worried about their son, who seems being addicted to internet. They don't have the ability to find the cause. LUCKY! Some friends of them said their children has had the same problem, and DOCTOR YANG save them. They are very obedient now.

* ELECTRIC SHOCK treatment sounds not so good. But as the old saying goes, fillay piety comes from sticks. They decide to send Tom to DOCTOR YANG. It costs some money, but anyway, they LOVE their son.

* Some children fall into hallocination during treatment, they tell others they hear DOCTOR YANG asking them to kill game characters. DOCTOR YANG said that hallocination is not a big deal, but game characters should be killed anyway.

* Tom is trapped in front of the treatment room psychologically, and he fall into hallocination too. Your choice will chagne his ending.

* wasd - move

* mouse move - turn (only in 3d mode)

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Published107 days ago
TagsLudum Dare 37


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